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Journey-Driven Consulting

Customer Journey Consulting
Technology for people
Innovation by working together
Strategic Prioritization & Roadmapping
Lionezz Solutions

About Us

What we do

We empower modern organisations with end-to-end services to build integrated SharePoint and Office 365 solutions that drive corporate strategies towards achieving their business goals.

Lionezz will do everything to reduce the Information assymmetry for our customers.
Lionezz prioritizes opportunities for value creation to the entire customer journey.
Technology by People, for People.


We believe strongly that we are the best at what we do. All of our work is achieved through referral or word-of-mouth. We do not have a sales team and we do not market our services.

Leading the North

Why do we love it here? We can go and ice skate, play hockey, take walks, run, sled, drink coffee, or go skiing just 20 mins from Stockholm during the winter. And the summer is even better. Stockholm is built across 14 islands in the Baltic Sea and blue Lake Mälaren, with two-thirds of the city comprised of water and green space. Stockholm sets up free areas to swim in and even temporary beaches so you are never far away from the summer lifestyle.

The actual urban sectors are some of the most beautiful in Europe and the cleanest in the world. A truly modern metropolis filled with historic architecture and a reputation for tolerance, Stockholm gives its residents an amazingly high quality of living and safety — and great internet connection - in a forward-thinking city. Our beloved office is smack-dab next to the Royal Institute of Technology and Royal College of Music. The result? We understand the subtle orchestrations, rhythms and movements that set true high performers apart. We bring the art and science of business together to help our clients create a unique Symphonologie—one that inspires, connects, and makes the ordinary extraordinary.

That's high performance, delivered.


New isn't on its way. We're applying it right Now.